ICS Receives Bobbye Burke Historic Preservation Award

Center City Residents Association awarded the 2009 Bobbye Burke Historic Preservation Award to Independence Charter School for its renovation of the historic Durham School Building located at 1600 Lombard Street.

Independence Charter and the architectural firm Schrader Group were recognized for the renovation of the original 1909 Durham School Building which incorporated a new addition while preserving most of the original building structure. Monika Burke presented the Bobbye Burke Historic Preservation Award, named in memory of her mother, the first president of CCRA and an early advocate for preserving the historic nature of center city’s neighborhoods. The award, a framed sketch of Independence Charter School by Rachel Simmons Schade, AIA, was presented to Jurate Krokys, the school’s CEO and founding Principal.

“The Historic Preservation Committee of the Center City Residents Association is so thrilled to have received the nomination of an old school being restored to a new school.” says Dane Wells of Center City Residents Association Historic Preservation Committee. “The results that Independence Charter achieved provides great traditional academic space with a lot of vibrancy. Hopefully, this will serve as an example to school districts that old schools need not clutter up our landfills, but they can continue to serve their educational purpose.”

Monika Burke sees Independence Charter’s as a very deserving recipient of her mother’s namesake award. “Independence Charter showed great leadership and vision, as well as a commitment to the Center City Community by pursuing a sensitive architectural renovation of the former Durham School building.  My mother’s legacy of integrating Center City’s architectural past by creatively adapting existing structures preserves our connection to our history and  Independence Charter School demonstrated institutional leadership by maintaining that connection.”

Independence Charter’s CEO Jurate Krokys is delighted about the award. “We are so pleased to receive this honor—we feel that it is important to carry on the spirit of this building—and so there was no question that our renovation had to honor the past”.

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Independence Charter honored for preservation