Original Freedom Writer Headlined ICS 365 Event

Original Freedom Writer Student Sharaud Moore headlined Independence Charter 365 – the school’s annual fundraising event on Friday November 13 at The Fleisher Art Memorial. Mr. Moore was one of Erin Gruwell’s original students whose story was profiled in the best selling Freedom Writers Diary and the 2007 Freedom Writers film starring Hillary Swank.

Sharaud Moore, a troubled student in Erin Gruwell’s English class at Los Angeles area Wilson High School, helped spark the original Freedom Writers movement. This exposure to writing saved Sharaud from a path of crime and failure, changing his views on education and the world. He earned a bachelor’s degree and now teaches algebra and coaches at a school that once expelled him. In addition to speaking at Independence Charter 365, Mr. Moore also conducted a special after school forum at Independence Charter where he shared his personal story and writing methodology with the school’s middle school age students. This forum was facilitated by Independence Charter teacher Michael Farrell, a contributing author to the recently published “Teaching Hope: Stories from the Freedom Writers Teachers and Erin Gruwell”.

Independence Charter 365 also featured a student art and photography exhibit and unveiled the 2010 Independence Charter School World Holidays Calendar/Calendario.

All proceeds from the ICS Calendar Sales and the Independence Charter 365 fundraiser benefit Independence Charter’s after school and summer school programs.

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