City Kids Take Flight

One of the most life changing programs we offer at ICS is Take Flight, which sends qualifying 7th graders to Latin America for a week of service, learning, community building, and travel.

This trip was the single most amazing experience of my life. I will remember it for the rest of my life. It changed me as a person and the way I look at the world.

This year, we hope to expand the program significantly, sending two groups: one to Nicaragua and one to Ecuador.

Doing so will mean that about 1/3 of 7th graders will travel—far more than participate in other middle school travel programs. But sending more students will of course cost more, too. To help cover travel costs for students who cannot afford them, we turn to the ICS community—and beyond—for support. Today we launch a $4,500 campaign through the crowd funding site Indie GoGo. Click here to see the inspiring campaign video and to learn more about this path-breaking program.

You’ll be asked to donate at whatever level you can afford. There are small benefits to giving as well, but the largest by far is the incredible opportunity to change the lives of our amazing 7th graders.

Click here to see the campaign and support us toward the $4,500 goal. Once you do that we have to ask you to send a link to the campaign out to your network. Put it on Facebook. Tweet about it. Let the world see how ICS makes global education real.

Thank you,
The entire 7th grade team

Update 1/3/2013: 72 donors helped us raise $4,853 for the Take Flight program during the November IndieGoGo campaign! ICS would like to thank Nathaniel Popkin for organizing such a successful campaign.