Meet the Griffins

GriffinSmallCEO Rich is thrilled to introduce ICS’s first intercollegiate 7th & 8th grade boys’ basketball team!

The team will practice at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center and will compete with other schools through the Philadelphia Middle School Basketball League this January and February.

Although we are starting small with our first intercollegiate sports effort, CEO Rich hopes to expand the program each season. To that end, keep an eye out for an intramural girls basketball league to be organized this spring.

Head Coach
Kate Bowes

Assistant Coach
Ismael Rodriguez

Cullan Gilroy, 8th
Peter Howell, 8th
Khalee King, 8th
Arion Lewis, 7th
Khalid Lisby, 7th
Khaliff Lisby, 7th
Donmir Rolling, 7th
Gerrit Roscioli, 8th
Tilly Tyler-Newbill, 7th
Alhaji Wagay, 8th
Kevin Williams, 8th
Clayton Wilson, 8th

S’Rey Harvey & Malik Studivant – stats
Kevin Valenciano – equipment

Story of the Griffin

This fall, ICS students in grades K-8 worked together to select an ICS mascot and official athletic colors for the school. Over the months, each classroom learned about what a mascot is and discussed how mascots can build unity and spirit for organizations. Each class then brainstormed a list of mascots and chose their favorite option to submit to the whole school for consideration. (Allow Tr. Claire’s 1st graders to persuade you that their ideas are the best.)

The official schoolwide vote was cast on Nov. 15 and students selected from the following potential mascots:

Globes (Globos)
Griffins (Grifos)
Sharks (Tiburons)
Bulls (Toros)
Dogs (Perros)

On Nov. 20 a winner was announced: the griffin is ICS’s official new mascot and our colors are red & black!