Four Years in the Making…

When our 2013 8th grade graduates were in 4th Grade, a group of parents met to talk about making the outside of ICS more beautiful. It started with the idea of a banner on a street light identifying our school and describing the school’s mission, but the group also had bigger dreams about multiple banners in different shapes creating their own image and bringing visual attention to the school.

The parents met with Maestra Amaya’s 4th grade class (yes, M. Amaya taught 4th grade before being a 1st grade teacher!), to talk about the banner project and raising money to fund it. The students came up with the idea to have a smoothie stand on the last day of school which was a huge success and made $375 in two hours!

Then a series of events occurred. The school budget tightened and the Streets Department put additional requirements on outside banners. But the parent committee kept meeting to continue the idea somehow of making ICS more attractive on the street level. More time passed, and Maestra Doris (who is an artist and graphic designer in addition to a fabulous Kindergarten teacher!) joined the parent committee to help with the design. She came up with four banners that were then merged into one and recreated as a vinyl cover for the dormer window above our front entrance.


We would like to thank everyone who was part of creating this beautiful addition to our school – especially Doris Naffah (and her daughter Tabata who was responsible for one of the images), Jeff Newburger, Frauke Schnell, Monika Kreidie, Amaya McCaskey and the ICS class of 2013!


Pictured from left to right: Jeff Newburger, Doris Naffah, Monika Kreidie