2013 Family Spanish Club a Success

It is with great appreciation and gratitude that I write this message. It was my hope that one day we would have a conversation club in our school where students had the opportunity to talk, communicate and “live” more with the Spanish language. Not only did students participate in activities that promoted oral language, but the club was also an opportunity for students in the enhanced and immersion program to come together, support each other and share what they learn every day during their language classes. Parents also learned, practiced their own Spanish, met other families and saw their children’s progress speaking a second language.

Having the library time on Friday afternoons also provides a great space for our students and families who love and enjoy reading, listening to a good story and selecting and borrowing books while sharing with other children, parents and teachers.

I would like to thank the wonderful team who made this happen! We could not have done it without all of your energy and collaboration. Thank you M. Laura, Tr. Amy, M. Antonia, M. Ronith, M. Marcela, M. Begoña, M. Anais, M. Doris and Lynn Major for volunteering your time to lead the club and/or the library time. Thank you also to Milena Davidova for providing the momentum to get the project off the ground, working hand to hand inviting the families, having an updated list of families for every week and requesting feedback to make the club better. Thanks to Tr. Jenny for helping us to promote the activities in the weekly announcements, to Tr. Maureen for receiving our families every week and to Tr. Natalie for letting us use her room every Friday. And last but not least, thank you CEO Rich and the principals for believing in us and supporting our initiatives!

¡Muchas gracias!

M. Luz Angela Bolivar