Congratulations to the Science Fair Participants

2013 ended with another fantastic Science Fair. Students in 5th-8th grades came out to present their trimester project and to show of their scientific knowledge. Thanks to all of the families and students who participated in selecting our first students and family choice awards this year as well!


Congratulations to the following students who were selected by the ICS teacher judges for the outstanding work in their grade.

ICS Best in Show: Rebecca Snyder

1st Place: Tito Mazzucchi, Grace Roscioli, Athena Lemon, Sam Friedman

2nd Place:
Luis-Manuel Morales, Julia Frank, Brianna Davis, Cebrian Alvarez

3rd Place:
Ani Rowland, Helena Grace, Sid McNulty, Jay Weidner

Honorable Mention:
Bridget Hennessy, Lamar Williams, Lena Popkin, Harrison Wellner, Ella Burrows, Tiffini Burns, Cianni Osley, Frank Stern, Indigo Burton, Franz Kreidie, Daniela Morales, Imani Tucker, Amari Johnson, Jorge DaSilva, Hala Ryans, Perla Leonides, Iyonda Dover, Josephine Effendi, Alejandro Torres, Ian Burton, Zaniyyah Wallace, Keyziah McCoy, Tristan Dini, Kofi Kohl

Family Choice:
Aaliyah Johnson, Majole Bell, Shannon DiStefano, Zyairah Drummond

Student Choice: Bersabe Shuman-Fletcher, Chilohn Brown, Athena Lemon, Aamir Conway

Additionally, 7th and 8th grade students have been selected to participate in the Carver city science fair. These participants were chosen as the best projects in their category. Only three 7th/8th graders in each category are able to enter the competition from our school. Visit the Carver competition website to learn more about the city competition.

The Carver Fair participants are:

Kristopher Booker, Kaden Wilkinson, Grace Roscioli, Sean Hackney, Bersabe Shuman-Fletcher, Nicky Romano, Harrison Wellner, Franz Kreidie, Jehuda Kesuma, Bridget Hennessy, Tito Mazzucchi, Luis-Manuel Morales, Tiffini Burns, Julia Frank, Helena Grace, Rocio Jeronimo, Cianni Osley, Ella Burrows, Fernando Fonseca, Rebecca Snyder, Ani Rowland, Imani Tucker, Lena Popkin