Nepal: 6th Grade Math Procedures Service Learning

How can we help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake?

Students in a 6th grade Math Procedures class applied their math and researching skills in order to learn about and respond to the tragedy in Nepal. On April 25th and on May 12, 2015 Nepal experienced two different earthquakes greater than a magnitude of 7. Below is a report of what we learned and how we, from ICS, can help:


Thanks to the generous donations from ICS families on the day of the Global Citizenship Concerts, the students have already raised $450 for the cause.

Students ask that further donations be made directly to Red Cross/Red Crescent. If you do make a donation after reading about our project, you can email Tr. Anne Zumbo to let her know, so that she can share with the students the impact their project has made.

Learn about the Nepal Earthquake Restoring Family Links project here.

They are trying to reconnect lost families members back together. – K. Brown, 6th grade student

People are worried enough about restoring homes and this program is helping them be less stressed about missing family members. – G. Moody, 6th grade student