Bullying Awareness & Prevention at ICS

Dear Families,

As part of ICS’s ongoing commitment to bullying awareness and prevention, we’d like to update you on new and continuing initiatives this school year. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Guidance in the creation of an individual Bullying Support Plan. A copy of this plan is attached at the end of this email. Middle School students completed this plan with the guidance of their advisory teachers and Counselor Gabe presented and brainstormed about the plan whole-class in grades K-4. This plan is something that could be reviewed/supported at home.
  • The celebration of International Human Rights Day, during which teachers nurture attitudes of respect and appreciation for each other, and develop skills to defend human rights.
  • The continued implementation of Morning Meeting in grades K-4 and Circle of Power and Respect in grades 5-8. These are daily, whole group gatherings designed to build community at the start of each day.

Bullying is defined as intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power.

While the majority of the lessons and events took place in October, which is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, ICS’ bullying prevention efforts take place on an ongoing basis. Once a possible bullying situation comes to the attention of a staff member, the counselors and assistant principal meet to determine an appropriate course of action that will stop the bullying immediately, while also maintaining the victim’s status with his/her peers. The team also works in a way that will not deter students from reporting future incidents, either related or unrelated to this specific case.

Parents can help ICS’ efforts by reporting any suspected bullying cases, whether it involves their child or another child, to any staff member. That staff member will bring it to the administration’s attention immediately.

The following links provide additional useful information for parents:

Stop Bullying.gov

Great Schools.org
Kids Health.org
Counselor Gabe’s website

Finally, this article explains the difference between rude, mean, and bullying.

Pr. Kristen

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