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Hello families!

We are eagerly preparing for the start of school on August 29 for our 1st-8th graders and August 30 for our new kindergartners. Here are some resources to help make sure you’re ready.

Summer Mailing

Everyone should have received their summer mailing last week. (Some kindergarten families or other new students might not get theirs until early this week.) Email if you did not receive your packet so that we can check your mailing address in our system.

The mailing included a paper with your child’s teacher or advisory assignment. Please have your children bring this paper with them on the first day of school. If they are confused about where to go, any ICS adult will be able to quickly point them in the right direction.

The mailing also included a supply list, the dress code, and the 2016-2017 calendar.

If your child took the PSSAs last year, PSSA test results were also included.

If your child is bringing more supplies on the first day than what can easily fit in a backpack, you will drop off the bag or box on the Lombard St. sidewalk during arrival. We will have staff collecting the dropoffs and delivering to classrooms. Make sure that the bag or box is clearly labeled with your child’s full name and classroom teacher’s name.

Please clearly label all personal supplies (backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, outerwear, etc.). These items frequently get lost and are difficult or impossible to return to the owner without a clear first and last name on them. (If you order labels from Emily Press, ICS gets 20% back and YOU don’t lose your valuable belongings!)

Important Dates

(also available on our web calendar)

Monday, August 29 – 1st day for 1st-8th graders: Make a plan to arrive every day by 8:15. The yard gate closes at 8:20, and students are marked late after 8:25. Students may never be dropped off earlier than 7:45.

Tuesday, August 30 – 1st day for kindergartners: 9am arrival for kindergartners on first day only. 8:15 every day thereafter.

Wednesday, August 31 – First Early Dismissal Wednesday: Dismissal begins at 1:25 and ends at 1:50 every Wednesday.

Friday, September 2 & Monday, September 5 – No school

Wednesday, September 21, 5:30pm – K-4th Grade Back to School Night

Thursday, September 22, 5:30pm – 5th-8th Grade Back to School Night

Transportation & Dismissal Announcements

  • Bus route information should be mailed to families by the District sometime this week. Read our Transportation FAQ’s carefully to prepare yourself for what to expect and how to troubleshoot.
  • If your child’s aftercare program does not start picking up students until a few days after our school year starts, your child will still follow their dismissal plan each day. This means that if your child goes to an aftercare program that picks up in the cafeteria, you will come into the building each day to sign them out of the cafeteria until their program starts. If your child goes to an aftercare program that picks up on the sidewalk (St. Mary’s, YMCA, Western Learning Center, Apple Blossom), your child will be on the sidewalk with the walkers.
  • If you will be driving at arrival or dismissal, please read the driving instructions that were included in your summer mailing very carefully. They can also be found on page 19-20 of last year’s Handbook. (This year’s Handbook will be published next week.) For the safety of everyone, every community member must follow our driving procedures at all times. Be kind, be civil, stay calm, follow directions, and everything will work out one way or another by 3:40 each day.

Please direct all transportation questions to

Nurse’s Office Announcements

  • Does your child need to take prescription medication at school? Be sure you submit a Medication Administration Order signed by your physician to our school nurse. It is also fine to attach signed prescription and administration instructions from your physician to the form, as long as all information requested on the form is included. The medication and signed order must be hand-delivered to the front office by an adult. Students may not carry prescription medication to/from school.
  • All students entering 3rd grade and 7th grade need to submit updated dental examination forms before the start of the school year. Forms must be dated on or after September 1, 2015.
  • All students entering 6th grade need to submit updated physical and immunization forms before the start of the school year. Forms must be dated on or after September 1, 2015.
  • All kindergarten students and new 1st-7th grade students need to submit both physical/immunization and dental forms.
  • The nurse’s office will send home a general medical info form during the first week of school for each student’s family to complete and return. You can contact our nurse’s office at

Food Services

You can learn all about our Food Services program on our Cafeteria page.

Look for more emails this week from M. Neyza with complete details on Food Services, creating a LunchTime account, and applying for meal benefits. She will also send new kindergarten families instructions on how to place monthly lunch orders. We will post the September lunch and breakfast menus as soon as they are ready.

Neyza will make sure that every family who needs a meal application receives one on paper. However, if you already know you need to complete a paper application and you’d like to get started, they are available here:

2016-2017 Free & Reduced Price Meals Application

2016-2017 solicitud para comidas gratis o a precio reducido

Please direct all food service questions to

Odds & Ends

I am finalizing the new staff directory for the website tomorrow, and hope to have it posted on Tuesday morning.

Use the web announcements on our home page and the web news as a resource. I will try to keep everything accessible there in case you lose this email. For instance, this email is now posted to the news page. (Bonus pro-tip: Don’t ever delete emails from ICS. Archive everything and use your search function if you need to find something from the past!)

Tomorrow I will be sending an email with additional info just to new kindergarten families and new 1st-7th grade families.

I will also be sending another email to everyone in a few days with other community news & notes. (And no doubt additional announcements that I forgot to include in this email.)


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