Middle School Dues

The middle school years are a time of tremendous growth and change for kids. At ICS we are honored to work with you to support and guide your children through these pivotal years. One of the things we are most pleased to do is take the students on the signature middle school trips. The trips are meaningful opportunities for students to get out of the city, experience new things, bond with classmates and prove themselves in non-academic situations.

To fund these trips ICS does some fundraising, but also asks families to pay dues. Dues can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. They can be paid in full at any time or families can make payments over the course of 7 months. We’ll send a text reminder before the due date for payments which is the second Tuesday of each month. Cash or check payments can be sent to ICS in a sealed envelope with your child’s full name and grade at the attention of DUES. To pay by credit card you can visit the school store through the ICS website. There is a small convenience charge for credit card payments.

If it is a hardship to pay the full amount of dues please contact your child’s advisory teacher or anyone else you’d feel comfortable speaking with as soon as possible, so that we can adjust our fundraising amounts. We don’t ever want a child to miss out on these trips due to financial barriers!

Please see below for dues amounts per grade, what is covered by dues, and installment payment amounts. If you have any questions please contact a middle school staff member or Tr. Michelle  at any time.

Thank you!

The Middle School Team

5th grade- $125 or 7 payments of $18

  • 5th grade breakfast
  • Poetry celebration
  • Camp Onas camping trip
  • 5th and 6th grade mixer

6th grade- $125 or 7 payments of $18

  • Canoe trip in Wharton State Park
  • Penn Museum
  • Astronomy night (tentative)
  • 5th and 6th grade mixer

7th grade- $200 or 7 payments of $28.75

  • 7th grade BBQ
  • Philadelphia Film Festival
  • Heifer International trip in Rutland, MA (Trip costs more than dues will cover, and we will be fundraising.)

8th grade- $160 or 7 payments of $23.00

  • Graduation
  • Graduation rehearsal day lunch
  • Class of 2017 t-shirt
  • Yearbook
  • Outward Bound
  • College & Career trip
  • Island Beach State Park ecology trip
  • 8th grade breakfasts
  • 8th grade spring dance
  • 8th grade “after hours” (chances for 8th graders to hang out in school after dismissal)



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