Public Service Announcement – Vote!

Our 8th graders have been hard at work in social studies with Teacher Kate, identifying issues that are important to them and researching each presidential candidate’s positions on those issues. They have created PSAs to inform the public (that’s you, ICS community!) about these issues and recommend the candidate that they feel has the best plan to address them.

Some excellent examples are below. You’ll find helpful information in both English and Spanish.

Now, make our growing global citizens proud and do your part–vote!

All opinions expressed belong solely to the individual students. ICS does not endorse any political candidate or position. But we do wholeheartedly encourage you to participate in our democracy and vote!

Gun Control – Armas

Terorismo – Terrorism

Criminal Justice

Inmigracion – Immigration

Black Lives Matter/Police Brutality

Calentamiento Global – Global Warming



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