Weekly News, 1/5

Welcome to 2017 at ICS! We can’t wait to see what new adventures the new year will bring for our students. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see Principal Kristen’s exciting posts of learning in action all around the school. I’ve also resolved to make more time for our neglected Twitter account in the new year.

We love this inspiring story from Tr. Aquila about her journey from ICS student to ICS-West teacher. Check it out and share with family and friends!

Inclement Weather

As we enter the season for snow storms, make sure that you are prepared for ICS school closings, delays, or early dismissals due to weather.

In the event of a school closing or delay, we will post the announcement to our website, Facebook, and Twitter, and send an email and text to all families as soon as the closing decision is made. Sometimes the decision can be made the night before, and sometimes it will come very early in the AM. There will also be a school closing message recorded on the main phone line if you dial 215-238-8000. Our KYW school closing number is 212.

In the event of an early dismissal due to emergency weather, we will do all of the above and also send a phone call (if your phone is not already receiving texts) in order to ensure that families receive the emergency announcement as quickly as possible.

To sign up for text message alerts, text the word “Alert” to the number “22300”.

Winter Weather Clothing

ICS students go out for recess in the cold (down to 20 degree windchill), and in light rain and snow. Students should always come to school dressed for the weather. When it is under 40 degrees they should always have a winter coat (+ scarf if needed) and hat/gloves.

Griffin Basketball

The basketball schedule for January and February is now posted to the website at the end of the Griffin Basketball news post.

PTA News

The ICS PTA has many fun family events coming up in January. See complete details in their January PTA News.

Community News

Get ready to support our Green Schools project (it will go live next week!) by signing up for Philly’s Recycling Rewards program now.

Recycle your Christmas tree to save it from a landfill. South Philly Civics Tree-Cycling events are occurring at a number of different locations on Saturday, 1/7/17 including:

  • Columbus Square Park (S. 13th St. and Reed St.) – 9am-3pm
  • Bainbridge Green (S. 4th & Bainbridge St.) – 10am-2pm
  • Jefferson Square Park (S. 4th St. & Washington Ave.) – 10am-2pm
  • Rite Aid Parking Lot (S. 9th St. and Catherine St.) – 10am-2pm
  • Headhouse Shambles (S. 2nd St. and Pine St.) – 10am-2pm
  • Louis I. Kahn Park (S. 11th St. & Pine St.) – 10am-12pm

The chips from your recycled trees will be used for mulch at local parks and gardens and blended into the food waste Bennett Compost collects to make their nutrient-rich compost. There is a suggested donation of $5 that will be put towards the neighborhood civic associations staffing the sites.


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