Weekly News, 4/19

Check the ICS calendar early and often!

This is the time of year where events start to pile up on events and things come at us all very quickly. It’s a good idea to subscribe to the ICS google calendar (use the little +GoogleCalendar icon in bottom right corner of calendar) if you haven’t before, or to regularly visit it online to check for new or changed info.

Street Closures this month

Be aware of the many street closures around the Art Museum/Parkway that will continue to take effect over the next few weeks. (We send you patience and lots of deep breathing if you live or regularly travel in that area!)

PSSAs continue next week with Math for 3rd-8th grades on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

ICS Celebrates Earth Day!

  • This Friday, April 21, students may wear GREEN shirts (with uniform bottoms) in honor of Earth Day.
  • ICS will further celebrate Earth Day with special activities and lessons in the classrooms on April 28. (April 28 is a Dollar Dress Down Day, hence the chance to wear green shirts this Friday on April 21.)

PTA Updates

  • The video and slides from the April Climate & Culture update are available now (or whenever you have time to check them out) on the PTA’s web page.
  • Save the Date: The Silent Auction is May 13. Keep an eye out for registration information and the online camp auction to be available soon!
  • May PTA Meetings
    • May 3: Silent Auction preparation & working meeting
    • May 24: Internet Safety for Parents with presenter Deb McCoy

ICS “Evening with Specialists” Nights

  • Grades K & 1: May 4 (updated date!)
  • Grades 2 & 3: May 18
  • Grades 4 & 5: May 25

Community Resources

Immigrant Resources – Don’t forget that ICS has an Immigrant Resource Page (can be found under PTA menu on website) available for whoever might need it at any point. We have recently added a link to a Penn State Law site that has compiled an immense list of further information and resources.

Mouthful Podcasts – We encourage you to check out the new Mouthful podcasts, a collaboration between Philadelphia Young Playwrights and journalist Yvonne Latty. They feature monologues written by Philadelphia high schoolers and conversations with the students and our broader community.


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