Weekly News, 4/5

Spring break starts next week! There is no school from Monday, 4/10-Monday, 4/17. Students will return to school on Tuesday, 4/18.

School IS in session this Friday, 4/7. Again this is due to the change in the date of report card conferences. See the updated year-at-a-glance calendar here.

Our 3rd-8th graders are doing a fantastic job with the PSSAs so far! We love watching them apply the skills and strategies they’ve worked so hard to learn this year. The ELA test continues through Friday this week.

This week’s Food Services Committee meeting has been canceled. The final meeting of the year will be on June 1.

Join the PTA tonight for a Climate & Culture update from Principal Kristen and ICS administrators.

Dinner will start at 5:30, with meeting beginning at 5:45 in order to maximize time. Including time for questions & conversation afterward, the meeting could run longer than usual (until about 7:30). We understand if families will need to arrive late or leave early.

Submit questions in advance here.

RSVP here.

The meeting will be streamed at this link here. If the stream isn’t working correctly, check the ICS PTA’s Facebook page for updates or a corrected link in real time.

*Save the date!* The Internet Safety night for parents has been rescheduled to Wednesday, May 24.

Not returning to ICS next year?

If you have a student who is not returning to ICS next year (for reasons other than graduating), please let Tr. Jenny know by email. Even if you have told another ICS teacher, I need written confirmation so that we can proceed with enrollment planning for next school year. Thank you!

The District-wide Parent Survey is now available!

You can find the link here. Every ICS parent should take the survey for each of their ICS students. You just need your child’s student ID# to get started. This can be found in the MMS parent portal or on your child’s report card. I’m also very happy to send it to you if you reply to this email and request it. They survey will take you about 10 minutes.

I will send an individualized email to each family when we return from spring break with your child’s ID#, but I encourage folks who like to take care of things early to go ahead and complete it now. Each year we like to improve our participation rate from the year before.

You can browse the results of prior years’ surveys for our school and any District school here.

You can see a snapshot of ICS results from last year here.

The survey results and participation rates contribute to our school’s scores in the annual School Progress Report.

Important Spring Reminders (for middle school especially):

  • Students in 4th-8th grades should always wear sneakers and comfortable pants/shorts for their fitness/movement days with Tr. Nicole in order to participate and meet fitness class dress code requirements.
  • Slime has been causing damage to school and student property and is not allowed at school.
  • Students are never permitted to contact parents by cell phone to request to be picked up from school. If a student feels sick, they must visit Nurse Simone, and she will determine if a student needs to go home.
  • As a reminder to all families, bus students must go directly into the school yard after exiting the bus. They are not permitted to go to the store for any reason, so please make sure they board the bus with their snacks and lunch for the day. Once a child leaves the school bus, they are under the supervision of ICS staff, and leaving ICS grounds is not permitted under any circumstances.

More ICS News

What’s happening at West? My link was broken last week–here is the corrected link to our web news article about all the cool stuff going on at West!

Lion King, Jr. photo gallery

Strategic planning update from Principal Kristen

Last month our 6th graders had a great time with ICS parent and TEND landscape architect Julie Snell! They learned about landscape architecture and Philadelphia’s newest park, The Rail Park – phase one opening 2018! (TEND is part of the project team as horticultural consultant, the designer is Studio Bryan Hanes.)

Community Resources

The Business of Doing Good is a summer camp that empowers middle school students to change the world through social entrepreneurship. There are still a few spaces open for their Rittenhouse location from August 21-25, but they are going fast!

Do you support public education (and can’t get enough black t-shirts in your life)? Here’s a chance to show it, and support The Notebook, a valuable #phled resource.

Camp College is currently accepting applications. Camp College is an intensive three day/two night workshop designed for 60 rising high school seniors and juniors. Paired with mentors, participants will learn about all aspects of the college search and application process, experience life in the residence halls, learn about financial aid, standardized test exams and have a lot of fun! At the end of Camp College, we expect that the students will be equipped with the tools to navigate the college application process.

Give Kids a Smile Day – Smile Day is free dental care for children 1-18 years old, particularly children who are uninsured, have no dental insurance or haven’t been to the dentist in over 6 months. Children will receive care in dentist’s offices in Delaware, Montgomery & Philadelphia counties. Call PCCY to make an appointment (in any language) starting on March 27th at 215-563-5848 x32. They are also in need of volunteers to answer phones to make dental appointments for kids March 27th – April 14th at PCCY’s office in Center City. Especially interested in speakers of Spanish, Chinese, French and Vietnamese. Sign up at http://bit.ly/2l1RthL or contact Karianna Simpkins at 215-563-5848 x21 or gksd@pccy.org


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