Weekly News, 5/2

Hello families,

Don’t forget these events coming up over the next few weeks:

ICS “Evening with Specialists” Nights

ICS Field Days

  • Grades K-2: May 3 (tomorrow!)
  • Grades 3-5: May 31
  • Grades 6-8: June 2

This Friday is Global Citizenship Day at ICS. Students will be participating in a number of special learning activities throughout the day. Be sure to ask them to tell you all about it over the weekend!

Save A Few More Dates

  • Tuesday, May 16, 5:30pm: Workshop for families on working with challenging behaviors at home (hosted by Counselor Miriam)
  • Wednesday, May 24, 5:30pm: Internet Safety workshop for families (hosted by PTA)


Silent Auction – May 13

Register and purchase your tickets now. Don’t get stuck waiting in line & paying the door price–get your discount by registering early and then breeze through check-in!

Shop the online auction now. And share widely with friends–anyone can bid on these great deals!

Sign up to volunteer. All volunteers receive dress down passes for their students, and kitchen volunteers of 1.5 hours or more receive a free ticket to the auction!

Last call for donations! If you or a business you know has items, services, or anything else that can be auctioned off on May 13, use the form linked above or print this form.


PTA Meeting – Wednesday, May 3

Join the PTA tomorrow night to help finalize all Silent Auction plans, coordinate volunteers & committees, and just generally make sure we are as prepared as possible. Join us! 

Seeking candidates for Parent Board Representative

Complete info & instructions can be found here. All candidate submissions must be received by May 5. (Deadline extended from original email announcement!) Interested candidates (or potential candidates) are invited to an info meeting on Wednesday at 4:30pm to have questions answered and learn more about the role.


Take the District-Wide Parent Survey!

Sending out a big thank you to the parents of 81 students who have taken the Parent Survey so far! That’s 10% of our population and a fantastic start. If you have not taken it yet, please be sure to do it as soon as possible so that we can reach our goal of over 40% before the end of the school year. For comparison (and a challenge), the leading school in the District (Franklin Towne Charter) is at 55% right now!

Remember that you should take it one time for every ICS student you have. (In other words, if you have 3 students at ICS, you should take it 3 times total, using each child’s ID# 1 time and considering each child’s unique experience this year as you take each one.)

Click here to take the survey now.

Your children’s ID#s were emailed and texted to you last week. If you cannot find those emails and texts, I’m happy to send them to you again if you reply to this email.

If you did not receive a text, remember that you must opt-in to receive text messages by texting the word “Alert” to the number 22300.

If you prefer to take the survey on paper, we do have paper copies in the front office in English and in Spanish. Just ask Neyza for one!

Earth Day at ICS

We are so proud of our students and what they learned and discussed during our Earth Day celebration on Friday! Here is just a sampling of what was spotted around the school:

  • M. Elisse’s students making posters about conserving water
  • Tr. Tracey’s class investigating global warming
  • M. Francesca’s class comparing water use across the globe
  • Tr. Lance’s students’ reflections on a day without water
  • Tr. Emma’s class writing ways to conserve water and resources
  • 8th grade advisories learning about factory farming and speciesism
  • Tr. Keia and Pam’s classes engrossed in recycling videos
  • Tr. Hope’s class considering how we can conserve natural resources
  • M. Yineth & Marcela’s class writing about what they can do to take care of the Earth
  • Tr. Gaja’s class letter to our councilperson for more trash and recycling bins in their neighborhoods

We are grateful to work in a community that values taking care of the earth that takes care of us. Thank you for all you do at home to teach the same!

– Tr. Anne Z.

It’s Allergy Season!

If your child has seasonal allergies, be sure to monitor them closely right now because the pollen count is extremely high. Nurse Simone encourages you to talk to your pediatrician about options for managing allergies, and medicate them appropriately if recommended by your pediatrician. Seasonal allergies are not something that can be addressed or treated by the school nurse. (And yes, unfortunately, now every year really is the worst year ever for pollen & allergies because of climate change.)

Community Resources

Don’t forget to start at smile.amazon.com every time you shop Amazon! Just choose ICS as your non-profit and a % of your purchase goes to ICS every time.

This Saturday, the Mexican Consulate is hosting a Día del Niño festival for families at St. Thomas Aquinas in South Philly from 10am-3pm. Check it out!

Did you sign up for your summer camps yet? Don’t forget we’ve got a list to help you. (And don’t forget, you can bid on a lot of great camps RIGHT NOW at our online auction!)



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