School starts tomorrow! (8/28)

Hi families,

We can’t wait to welcome your 1st-8th grade students tomorrow morning! Here are many helpful reminders. Please take a few minutes to carefully read any topics that apply to your family. It’s a lot of information, but the more you know the smoother the first day will go!

Remember that your child’s teacher/advisory assignment is on the back of the purple welcome letter in your summer mailing. We’ll have lots of adults helping children find where to go, but it’s helpful to know their teacher’s name when they arrive tomorrow.


  • Label all bags containing your children’s supplies in large, clear letters with child’s full name, grade, and teacher name.
  • Large or heavy bags (clearly labeled!) can be left on front sidewalk and we will transport everything to classrooms.
  • Older students should be able to fit most items in their backpacks and carry extra bags themselves.
  • You’re also encouraged to send supplies in your child’s backpack over the course of the first few days of school. Larger items like kleenex, wipes, ziplock bags, etc. do not need to arrive on first day of school.


  • Email whenever your child is absent in order to excuse the absence. Absences are permanently marked unexcused if a note is not received within 3 days.
  • To request an early dismissal for your child (should be a rare occurrence only for doctor’s appointments, etc.), you must email on the morning of the appointment. We will add your child to the early dismissal schedule and call your child down for dismissal when you arrive to school.

School Bus

Please refer to our Transportation FAQ’s for school bus questions and information. Expect that the routes will take longer than normal for the first few weeks of school. It is a good idea to have a Plan B. If your child’s bus is late or a no-show, here are the numbers to call to report or get more information:

  • Durham School Services (bus provider): 215-537-5405
  • School District transportation office: 215-400-4350


  • 7:45am – Gate opens. For your children’s safety, students must never be left outside gate unsupervised before 7:45am.
  • 8:25 – Gate closes. Students will be marked late after 8:25. We recommend that you plan to arrive by 8:15 every day so that your child has time to walk to their arrival room and you have extra time for unexpected travel delays.
  • If you drop your student off in a car, please always pull up as far as possible and please exit the drop off lane promptly to make room for the next families arriving.
  • Only drop off your student next to the curb on Lombard St., never from a driving lane.
  • Never drop off your student on 16th St.
  • Never drive on Naudain St. at arrival – Please be considerate of our neighbors.

Food Services

  • You can now access the August-September menus online via the Cafeteria link on our website. Or click here for the Aug-Sep lunch menu.
  • Hot breakfast is served from 7:45-8:15. Cold breakfast is served until 8:30. After 8:30 students will be given a bagged breakfast to take to class with them.
  • All vegetarian lunches must be ordered ahead of time by contacting Neyza at or x2228.

You can find more info about (like meal prices, meal options, etc.) on our Cafeteria page.

Meal Payments

  • You can make meal payments and view your child’s purchase history online through the Lunchtime portal. It works the same as it did last year. Email Tr. Jenny if you encounter any problems with depositing money.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your child’s meal account balance replenished. Take the time now to set up Lunchtime to give you automatic email reminders when your balance is getting low. Click the green View/Set Reminders button to manage your settings. You can also set it up to replenish your balance automatically if you save your payment source.
  • If you have a new 1st-8th grade student, you can create a Lunchtime account for them now–just email me to request their student ID#.
  • If you have a new kindergarten student, you will be able to access your child’s ID# once you activate your Alma account, and then you can create your Lunchtime account to make meal payments.
  • You can also make meal payments by sending cash (no more than $20 at a time, please) in an envelope via your child’s homework folder. Label the envelope clearly with first and last name, grade, and teacher. Allow 24 hours for deposit to be reflected in child’s account.


Students must always follow their dismissal plan.

For instance, if you do not want your child to ride the bus on a certain day, you must arrive to the ramp by 3:10 to sign them out of the bus line. If you do not want your child to attend their aftercare program, you must arrive by 3:15 to sign them out in the cafeteria. We will not make daily changes to your child’s dismissal.

  • 3:10 (1:25 on Wed.) – School bus students begin dismissing via ramp on 16th St.
  • 3:15 (1:30 on Wed.) – Kindergarten students come out to Lombard sidewalk with teachers
  • 3:25 (1:40 on Wed.) – 1st-5th grade students come out to sidewalk with teachers
  • 3:30 (1:45 on Wed.) – 6th-8th grade students dismiss through Naudain St. door.
  • 3:40 (1:50 on Wed.) – Dismissal ends – students not picked up are brought inside to cafeteria to be signed out by parents. Please arrive on time to pick up your children each day.


  • To avoid traffic headaches, we encourage drivers to park their car nearby and walk to pick up your students whenever possible.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended in the pickup lane. We will bring your child to you.
  • Never approach the school from 16th St. before 3:25pm. Our school buses need 16th St. to be kept clear.
  • No drivers are ever allowed on Naudain St. at dismissal. Please respect our neighbors.
  • If you cannot enter the dismissal lane when your light turns green, you must drive around and try again. You may not block traffic on Lombard St.
  • After 3:25pm, you may wait in the left-hand lane of 16th St. for your turn to enter the pickup lane on Lombard.
  • Always follow the instructions of ICS staff–it is our job to keep everyone’s children safe!


  • Driver placards will be sent home with students during the first week of school.
  • Drivers who only have kindergarten students will receive green driver placards. Your car will be allowed into the pickup lane starting at 3pm each day.
  • Drivers who have students in multiple grades will receive yellow driver placards. Your car will be allowed into the pickup lane starting at 3:25pm.
  • Drivers who only have students in 6th-8th grades will not receive driver placards and should never enter the pickup lane on Lombard St. Arrange a meeting spot on or near South St. for your child.


The email to activate your parent account in Alma should go out tomorrow afternoon. Do not be worried if some information is missing for some of your children. It will be added over the course of the next few weeks.


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