ICS News – 2/1

Hello families,

Congratulations to the Huber family, winners of the Super Bowl basket raffle. Big thanks from Tr. Barb and the entire 5th grade for everyone’s participation & support!

Note: IF there is a Super Bowl celebration parade on Broad St., ICS will be closed on the parade day.

Upcoming Events…

February is African American/Black History Month: All teachers and classrooms will be recognizing this month by studying people, events, and histories. Look for an email later this month to share what we learned! Learn more about our heritage month studies here.

February Board Meeting: Wednesday, February 14, 6-8pm

Boxtop Contest Deadline: Friday, February 16

Presidents’ Day: Monday, February 19 – School Closed

February PTA Meeting: Wednesday, February 21 – Health & Wellness Night: Lice, Bed Bugs, Food Dyes, Oh My!

ICS’s Intro to Engineering 7th/8th graders placed in the top ten out of 45 schools and won two special awards (for their hydroelectric dam created from a circuit board and hairdryer fan) at the Future Cities competition last weekend! We were one of only four schools to win multiple awards. The team spent over 80 hours working on this project. They discussed everything from sidewalk construction to tax policy, and created a city essay, virtual city, and the city model. 

2018-2019 Student Lottery Application Deadline: Thursday, March 1

If you are submitting a sibling application for next school year, use the standard lottery application on our website.

Siblings must live in the same household, have the same parent/guardian as indicated on birth certificate or custody paperwork, and both siblings must be enrolled at ICS-Center City for the 2018-19 school year. Families must submit a valid lottery application by the deadline to be eligible for sibling preference.

If you submitted a sibling application and would like a second confirmation (beyond the standard email receipt) that you did it correctly, please feel free to email ICS Lottery.

Is it a cold or is it the flu?

Nurse Simone created a handy tipsheet to help you identify whether your child has a common cold or whether it might be the flu.

Head lice got you down?

Lice are a perennial nuisance, in lower school especially. They typically hit 1st & 2nd grades the hardest, and this year is no different. The best way to prevent infestations is to check your child for lice weekly (especially before/after birthday parties and sleepovers). Many families swear by various natural preventative hair sprays and shampoos (searchable on Amazon, etc.), and many families swear by washing hair as infrequently as possible. (But note, these tips are not from a doctor!) Also, it never hurts to keep your child’s hair pulled up/back at school and other activities to reduce opportunities for lice to find their way onto the hair.

2018-2019 School Calendar

The Board approved the 2018-2019 school calendar.

You can view/download it here!

ICS-West was excited to welcome Mayor Kenney for a visit last week!


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