Dear ICS,

As I pen this message, I struggle to find the words to express just how saddened and dismayed I am; not just by the events of the past week but that we find ourselves at the same point time and time again. Since 1900 and even before people of all walks of life have banded together to combat racism and other social injustices. During the 1950s and 1960s the civil rights movement gained unprecedented momentum. A momentum, a force, and a band of people that paved the way for me to pen this message as your CEO.

Over this weekend and countless times before, I have asked myself why and to what end? What I know is, racism and other injustices will not end until we all use our individual and collective voice to speak up and speak loudly even when it’s uncomfortable. I humbly ask that we not be distracted or lose hope; in times of great difficulty we must continue to lean on and express equity, growth, community and courage– our ICS values.

We are a city and country that is rich with diversity and now more than ever we must see this diversity as our strength and stand together in the face of all injustice.

On Saturday, Principal Kristen shared a poignant reflection and resources to help us process what is happening and I was reminded that hope exists; it is tangible, it is real—it is the promise that lies in our students, your children.

As educators, parents, and caregivers we are privileged to sow the seeds of the next generation. We must be vigilant in providing our children with a safe space and opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue on local, national, and global issues free of judgement and rich with truth and understanding.

I remain hopeful knowing that our students are ambassadors of our core values and their connectedness and awareness will reach far beyond ICS as they journey through life.

CEO Tanya

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