Dear ICS,

I hope that this letter finds you and your families safe and healthy. The 2019-2020 school year has been filled with character defining and life changing moments.

We started this school year under construction and with that we were required to make adjustments to how we navigate our building and even give up our outdoor space. This was an uncomfortable experience but we know something better is yet to come.

Next, we learned that we were in the midst of a global pandemic. We wondered what this would mean for ourselves, our loved ones and our school. We pivoted hard and fast to distance learning.  The pandemic provoked a range of feelings, challenges, and opportunities to do and care for our community differently.

As we neared the end of the school year were confronted with the harsh realities of racism, inequality, and injustice. We have had to reckon with where we stand individually and as a nation, and remain hopeful that through our voices and action positive long-lasting change is on the horizon.

I imagine that for many, these experiences have felt at times unconscionable, unbearable, endless, and paradoxically hopeful. I want to THANK YOU for your patience, understanding, steadfastness, and compassion. I am deeply appreciative of our teachers, students, families, and Board for your positivity, flexibility and resilience during these trying times.

At ICS, our mission is to develop independent, thoughtful global citizens. And we reaffirm our commitment to our mission and fighting injustice. This year has taught us the value of hope and the power of adversity to catalyze GROWTH.

As we take a small break for the summer I rest assured, and I hope that you do too, knowing that our work continues with an unparalleled zeal to make change both within and for our world.

Together, we create our future. Have a safe and healthy summer!

CEO Tanya

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