Hi ICS families,

Please be sure to follow these guidelines to make arrival easier for everyone!

1. Please do not step out of your car during arrival. If your child needs help in the morning, please park elsewhere and walk them over so we can keep the car line moving on Lombard Street
2. Please do not have your child sit in the front seats of the car, no matter what grade they are in. They should come out on the curb side
3. If you have something to bring into the office that your child cannot carry in themselves, please be sure to park your car (not in the car line!) and bring it into the front office
4. Please only drop off in no other lane but the curb side lane (and do not cut across the lanes to get to the curb side!)
5. Please be sure to always pull all the way up to keep the line moving
6. When entering the line, please do so from the corner of 16th street-do not enter or cut any other cars off or come across multiple lanes
7. If you are dropping your child off with a bicycle, please be sure to stop at the corner of 16th and Lombard and walk the bike over. Please do not ride your bike on the sidewalk down Lombard Street

If we work together we can make arrival less stressful and more efficient!

Thank you,
Tr. Ramzy

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