Counselors Contact Information

If you need to contact Ms. Sparrow or Ms. Morales, please feel free to
e-mail us and leave your phone number and best time to reach you!

We will be checking our e-mail regularly during school hours (8:30am-3:19pm)

Remember: E-mail and Google Forms do not guarantee privacy or confidentiality.

Please note that we will only share information if we believe you are hurting yourself,
you want to hurt someone else, or someone is hurting you.

In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

Ms. Sparrow

FSAS School Counselor

Sections: 701, 703, 704, & 705

and 6th Grade School Counselor

E-Mail: ksparrow@philasd.org

Ms. Sparrow’s Google Classroom Code: 6n5e6mi

Counselor Sparrow’s Contact Information

6th Grade School Counselor & 7th Grade Sections: 701, 703, 704 & 705 

E-Mail: ksparrow@philasd.org

Ms. Sparrow’s Google Classroom Code: 6n5e6mi

6th Grade Check-In: 

https://forms.gle/ZTDckau4XsZLYfrm7 (in English)

https://forms.gle/JGt2fA1DwLz81NWA8 (en Español)


7th Grade Check-In (Sections 701, 703, 704, & 705): https://forms.gle/DUXPmnP9dpdyJqpV6

Sections: 109/110 & 310 – Please fill out any of the Google forms and we will contact you!

I will be checking my e-mail during the school hours from 8:15am-3:19pm. If this is an emergency, please call 911 and/or follow the resources for Mental Health Information here: 



Revisaré mi correo electrónico durante el horario escolar de 8:15 am a 3:19 pm. Si se trata de una emergencia, llame al 911 y / o siga los recursos de Información de salud mental aquí:



If you are in sections: 702, 706, 707, or 708, please e-mail Ms. Morales, your School Counselor: ymorales@philasd.org

Si está en las secciones: 702, 706, 707 o 708, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Morales, su consejera escolar: ymorales@philasd.org

Ms. Morales

FSAS School Counselor

Sections: 702, 706, 707, & 708

and 8th Grade School Counselor

E-Mail: ymorales@philasd.org

Ms. Morales’s Google Classroom Code: ejokagb

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