Catholic Social Services Immigration Legal Services

  • Phone: 215-854-7019 (Spanish: 215-854-7018)
  • Address: 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103

Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia – South Philadelphia Office

  • Phone: 215-399-0064 ext. 109
  • Address: 1832 S. 11th St., Philadelphia, PA 19148

Esperanza Immigration Legal Services

  • Phone: 215-324-0746
  • Address: 4261 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, PA 19140

HIAS Pennsylvania Immigration Legal Services

  • Phone: 215-832-0900
  • Address: 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103


  • Phone: 215-218-9079
  • Address: 1537 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • Juntos hosts “Know Your Rights” workshops on Mondays at 6pm.

Nationalities Service Center Immigration Legal Services

  • Phone: 215-893-8400
  • Address: 1216 Arch St., 4th Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19107

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

  • Phone: 215-279-7060
  • Address: 2601 Potter St., Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Spanish hotline: 267-333-9530
  • Indonesian hotline: 267-345-5248
  • The “hotline” is a number families are encouraged to call if ICE is at your door or you are witnessing an ICE raid. It will connect you to a network of volunteer allies who will come to bear witness and support the family, film & take photos, call the press, and counsel families on next steps.

“Know Your Rights” Printouts

Be Prepared, Have a Plan

From ILRC’s website:

Every family should have a Family Preparedness Plan. While it is our hope that you never have to use your plan, it is a good practice to have one in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected. This packet will help everyone create a Family Preparedness Plan, regardless of immigration status. However, because of the additional challenges immigrant and mixed status families face, we also have additional advice for immigrants.

Cada familia debe tener un plan en caso de emergencia. Aunque nuestro deseo es que usted nunca tenga que usar este plan, es buena práctica tener uno a la mano para reducir el estrés de lo inesperado. Este paquete le ayudará a crear un plan familiar sin importar su estatus migratorio. Sin embargo, debido a los retos adicionales que enfrentan las familias inmigrantes y las compuestas de miembros con diferentes estatus migratorios, también tenemos consejos adicionales para los inmigrantes.

Student Resources

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Ally Resources

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This list has been compiled by ICS teachers and families, who believe that we are responsible to a larger community and to one another. If you have a resource to add, email Tr. Jenny!