ICS has been able to offer an expanding array of resources and opportunities to our students due in large part to the generosity of donors just like you. Our donor community understands that the whole community has stake in ensuring the education and global literacy of the next generation.

Our Story

ICS was established in 2001 by a committed, invested and forward-thinking educators and parents who wanted to transcend the traditional limitations of modern education. Through the expertise of our staff, the involvement of our parent community and the generosity of our donor community, ICS has grown to be a sought-after charter school destination offering a one-of-kind supportive community of diverse learners, a welcoming community of culturally aware students, next-level STEAM academic resources and more. As we continue to increase our resources and maximize our students’ learning opportunities, ICS remains a rare gem in the Philadelphia charter school system in which students feel valued, heard and empowered each day.

Annual Giving 2021

ICS relies heavily on engagement from our donor community to bolster our resources and continuously optimize our students’ learning opportunities. To become a philanthropic partner in ICS, and ensure your investment in the future, contact us now.

ICS works with a large and ever-growing network of donors who understand that education is a primary vehicle to ensuring global awareness and literacy for future generations to come. These organizations have been invaluable to our growth and development, and the continued success of our students. We would love to have your organization add its name to our donor community.

Opening Worlds of Opportunity




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