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Adriane Polen

School Climate Coach

Email: adrianep@icscharter.com

Alejandra Perez De Arenaza

2nd Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: alejandrap@icscharter.com

Alexis Singer

     Intervention Teacher

     Email: alexiss@icscharter.com

America Martinez-Guzman

Classroom Assistant (M. Fernanda)

Email: americam@icscharter.com

Amy Weidner

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Immersion ELA Teacher

Email: amyw@icscharter.com

Ana Zenteno Garcia

Kindergarten Immersion Teacher

Email: anaz@icscharter.com

Anna Evans

6th Grade Math Teacher

 Email: annae@icscharter.com

Anne Hall

     Middle School Counselor

     Email: anneh@icscharter.com

Annie Burke

3rd Grade Enhanced Teacher

Email: anniebu@icscharter.com

Arianne Bracho

Classroom Assistant

Email: arianneb@icscharter.com

Ariel Baumet

7th Grade Science Teacher

Email: arielb@icscharter.com

Barbara Breitman

School Psychologist

Email: drbarbreitman@aol.com

Begoña Muñoz

3rd Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: begonam@icscharter.com

Brian Flynt

2nd & 3rd Grade Special Education Teacher

Email: brianf@icscharter.com

Brisa Diaz-Zorrilla

6th Immersion & 7th Social Studies Teacher

Email: brisad@icscharter.com

Cameron Polen

Non-Teaching Assistant

Email: cameronp@icscharter.com

Carl Cristella

Director of Technology

Email: carlc@icscharter.com

Carolina Callejas

2nd Grade Spanish FLES Teacher

Email: carolinac@icscharter.com

Carolyn Dann

4th Grade ELA/SS Teacher

Email: carolynda@icscharter.com

Carolyn Donohue

4th Grade Special Education Teacher

Email: carolynd@icscharter.com

Charish Anderson

4th-8th Grade Fitness & Movement Teacher

Email: charisha@icscharter.com

Claudia Dominguez

Intervention Teacher

Email: claudiad@icscharter.com

Craig Waxman

K-5th Grade Music Teacher

Email: craigw@icscharter.com

Dana Newsome

3rd-5th Grade Enhanced Spanish Teacher (Spanish FLES)

Email: danan@icscharter.com

Darline Williams
Dave Peterson

Director of Technology

Email: davep@icscharter.com

Dillon Hershey

Intervention Teacher

Email: dillonh@icscharter.com

Dion McCain

Non-Teaching Assistant

Email: dionm@icscharter.com

Doris Naffah

1st Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: dorisn@icscharter.com

Edith Martinez

Classroom Assistant

Email: edithm@icscharter.com

Eliana Chinibas

3rd Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: elianac@icscharter.com

Emma Gray

2nd Grade Enhanced Teacher

Email: emmag@icscharter.com

Evan Sidener

Classroom Assistant (M. Eliana C.)

Email: evans@icscharter.com

Fahad Ali
Fernanda Velez-Romero

Kindergarten Immerson Teacher

Email: fernandav@icscharter.com

Franchesca Ramirez

Intervention Teacher

Email: franchescar@icscharter.com

Gaja Stirbys

6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Email: gajas@icscharter.com

Gil Padilla

4th Grade Spanish Immersion Math and Science

Email: gilp@icscharter.com

Gilbert Elisa

Technology Support Specialist

Email: gilberte@icscharter.com

Ginna D'Alba

Special Education Teacher

Email: ginnad@icscharter.com

Gisela Hernandez

Classroom Assistant ( M. Patri A.R.)

Email: giselah@icscharter.com

Heather Pirolli

5th Grade Enhanced Math & Science Teacher

Email: heatherp@icscharter.com

Hope Willoe

Intervention Teacher

Email: hopew@icscharter.com

Jackeline Bohorquez

Speech Lanugage Therapist

Email: jackelineb@icscharter.com

James Boykin

Special Education Assistant

Email: jamesb@icscharter.com

Jaylyn Heard

Non-Teaching Assistant

Email: jaylynh@icscharter.com

Jennifer Martinson

7th Grade ELA Teacher

Email: jenniferm@icscharter.com

Jessica Conda

K-5th Grade Dance & Movement Teacher

Email: jessicac@icscharter.com

Jewel Madison

Intervention Teacher

Email: jewel.madison@icscharter.com

Jim Gilroy

Intervention Teacher

Email: jimg@icscharter.com

Joanna Walker

6th Grade Science Teacher

Email: joannaw@icscharter.com

Joanne Browley

3rd Grade Enhanced Teacher

Email: joanneb@icscharter.com

Jordana Ostroff

Intervention Teacher

Email: jordanao@icscharter.com

Juanita Campbell


Email: juanitac@icscharter.com

Julia Stell

Physical Therapist

Email: julias@icscharter.com

Julissa Rodriguez

2nd Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: julier@icscharter.com

Kaitlyn Carides

Special Education Coordinator

Email: kaitlynd@icscharter.com

Kaitlyn Palmer

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Special Education Teacher

Email: kaitlynd@icscharter.com

Katherine Strouse

Katherine Strouse

Email: katherines@icscharter.com

Katie Ramin

Occupational Therapist

Email: katier@icscharter.com

Kaylah Johnson

Speech Language Therapist

Email: kaylahj@icscharter.com

Keia Miller

     2nd Grade Enhanced Teacher

    Email: keiam@icscharter.com

Kelly Acuña

21st Century Coordinator & SLA Reading Support

Email: kellya@icscharter.com

Kerry Routh

     Assistant Principal

     Email: kerryr@icscharter.com

Kristen Long


Email: kristenl@icscharter.com

Lance Lukasiak

Literacy Support/2nd & 3rd Grade Immersion English Teacher

Email: lancel@icscharter.com

Laquan Dunbar

4th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Email: laquand@icscharter.com

Larry Elliott


Email: larrye@icscharter.com

Lauren Pratt

Intervention Teacher

Email: laurenp@icscharter.com

Layla Ben-Ali

Intervention Teacher

Email: laylab@icscharter.com

Leonor Jimenez

K-3rd Grade Science Teacher

Email: leonorj@icscharter.com

Liney Nieto Cruz

Classroom Assistant (M. Ale)

Email: lineyc@icscharter.com

Lisa Palandro

Purchasing Coordinator/Assistant to the Director of Operations

Email: lisap@icscharter.com

Luz Duque

Classroom Assistant (M. Myriam)

Email: luzd@icscharter.com

Mabel Lee

6th Grade SLA & Spanish FLES Teacher

Email: mabell@icscharter.com

Madeleine Oots


Email: madeleineo@icscharter.com

Madeline Rivera

4th Grade Enhanced Math and Science Teacher

Email: madelineo@icscharter.com

Marcela Arango-Ortiz

5th Grade Immersion Math & Science Teacher

Email: marcelao@icscharter.com

Maria Lopez

Classroom Assistant (M. Lindsey)

Email: marial@icscharter.com

Marilys Coratolo

8th Grade Science Teacher

Email: marial@icscharter.com

Maureen Kravitz

Head Chef

Maureen Long

     Attendance Coordinator & Receptionist

     Email: maureenl@icscharter.com

Michelle Coats

Administrative Assistant to Principal & Student Activities Coordinator

Email: michellec@icscharter.com

Monique Dirks

Math Specialist

Email: moniqued@icscharter.com

Myriam Ortiz

Kindergarten Immersion Teacher

Email: myriamo@icscharter.com

Naki P. Edward

K-8 Dean

Email: nakip@icscharter.com

Nancy Cubano

7th Grade SLA & Spanish FLES Teacher

Email: nancyc@icscharter.com

Nancy Nunez de la Torre

Classroom Assistant (M. Amber)

Email: nancyc@icscharter.com

Natalie Flannigan

School Nurse

Email: nurse@icscharter.com

Natalie Henderson

K-5th Grade Art Teacher

Email: natalieh@icscharter.com

Neyza Cabrera

Food Services Coordinator & Receptionist

Email: neyzac@icscharter.com

Odamis Fernandez-Sheinbaum

Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction

Email: odamisf@icscharter.com

Olga Molinares

8th Grade SLA & Spanish FLES Teacher

Email: olgam@icscharter.com

Olukemi Kamson

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Email: olukemik@icscharter.com

Pamela Meacham

Literacy Support Lead Teacher

Email: pamm@icscharter.com

Paola Sanchez

Classroom Assistant (M. Eli O.)

Email: paolas@icscharter.com

Patri Alvarez Rey

1st Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: patriciaar@icscharter.com

Patricia Alvarado-Andrade

Kindergarten Immersion Teacher

Email: patriciaa@icscharter.com

Patricia Torres

  1st Grade Immersion Immersion Teacher

   Email: patriciat@icscharter.com

Pilar Contle

Custodial Services

Ramzy Andrawos

Director of Operations

Email: ramzya@icscharter.com

Rebecca Geller-Puchalsky

Intervention Teacher

Email: rebeccag@icscharter.com

Rich Taggart

7th Grade Math Teacher

Email: richt@icscharter.com

Robert Schoen-McCullough
Rosemary Williams

ESL Teacher

Email: rosemaryw@icscharter.com

Sawyer Palandro

Non-Teaching Assistant

Email: sawyerp@icscharter.com

Scott Craig

5th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Email: scottc@icscharter.com

Simone Merrique


Email: nurse@icscharter.com

Shakour Lorenzano

Non-Teaching Assistant

Email: shakourl@icscharter.com

Shidia Cowan

Classroom Assistant

Email: shidiac@icscharter.com

Sonia Ordonez

Classroom Assistant (M. Doris)

Email: soniao@icscharter.com

Stephen Acosta

Building Substitute Teacher

Email: stephena@icscharter.com

Susana Abdulayev

2nd Grade Immersion Teacher

Email: susanaa@icscharter.com

Susan Burrows

Intervention Teacher

Email: susanb@icscharter.com

Suzanne Cilli

2nd & 3rd Grde Immersion ELA Teacher

Email: suzannec@icscharter.com

Tanisha Bezue

6th Grade Enhanced & 8th Grade  Social Studies Teacher

Email: tanishab@icscharter.com

Tanya Ruley-Mayo
Tara Leonard

8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Email: taral@icscharter.com

Tiia Reinvald

ELD Teacher & Coordinator

Email: tiiar@icscharter.com

Tish Prendergast

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Compliance Manager

Email: tishp@icscharter.com

Tracey Kohl

5th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Email: traceyk@icscharter.com

Ximena Hoffman

Classroom Assistant (M. Patricia A-A)

Email: ximenah@icscharter.com

Valerie Amorocho

Classroom Assistant

Email: valeriea@icscharter.com

Vinh Nguyen

8th Grade Math Teacher

Email: vinhn@icscharter.com

Whitney Walker

3rd/4th/5th Grade Counselor

Email: whitneyw@icscharter.com

Yorgelys Leal

Classroom Assistant

Email: yorgelysl@icscharter.com

Yuri Castano

Classroom Assistant

Email: yuric@icscharter.com

Zahra Hamlin

Student Support Specialist

Email: zahrah@icscharter.com



To get to ICS using public transportation, you can take the following options:

Bus: You can take the bus route 2 or 17 from various locations in Philadelphia, such as City Hall or 30th Street Station. Get off at the 16th St & Lombard St stop, which is only a block away from the destination.

Subway: You can take the Broad Street Subway Line (Orange Line) and transfer to the Market-Frankford Line (Blue Line) at 15th St Station. Take the Blue Line towards 69th St Transportation Center and get off at 19th St Station. From there, you can walk a few blocks to reach 1600 Lombard St.

You can use the SEPTA website to plan your trip and get real-time information on schedules, fares, and routes.


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