Language Programs

Second-language acquisition is one of the pillars of the ICS education model. Our founders envisioned this component as a primary means of encouraging global awareness and creating a diverse community of learners. Since our inception, we have instilled Spanish-language instruction in every aspect of our curriculum. ICS proudly offers two distinct programs that drive this mission forward at different grade levels throughout our student population. The journey toward becoming a global learner begins with developing an understanding of a language other than one’s own. It is in this spirit that ICS continues to enrich our students’ Spanish-language learning opportunities as well as provide real-world situations for them to use their knowledge.

Spanish Immersion Program

In our Spanish Immersion program, students are taught in Spanish in all core subject areas for about 85% of the school day in grades K-2. Arts/Science classes and English Language Arts classes are taught in English. Starting in grade 3, the percentage of Spanish Immersion instruction decreases to about 65% because students begin receiving more intensive English Language Arts instruction each day.

In grades 4-5, total Immersion instruction is reduced to 45% of the day and decreases again to 30% in grades 6-8 as students begin taking more intensive math and science courses. Students who graduate from our Spanish Immersion program can typically test into upper-level Spanish courses in high school and are comfortable and confident speaking Spanish fluently in everyday situations.

Spanish-Enhanced Program

In our Spanish Enhanced program, students receive 30-45 minutes of Spanish language instruction 4-5 days per week, depending on their grade level. Students who graduate from our Spanish-Enhanced program are typically ready to start with Spanish 2 in high school.

ICS has been working to convert its current two-program language model to a one-program Spanish Immersion paradigm. The request is currently under review for potential implementation beginning with the incoming kindergarten class in 2020-21. Our Spanish-language programs are just one of the components that distinguishes ICS from the other educational institutions.

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