Hi families,

We are so excited to welcome your (1st-8th grade) students to school tomorrow! (And we’ll be just as thrilled to welcome our new kindergarten students later this week!)

If you are dropping off your child’s school supplies tomorrow, please make sure all bags are labeled very clearly with child’s full name and grade/teacher/room number.

Below are some of the most frequently used procedures for you to review. We know it takes time to learn how it all works, so please save this email and refer back to it whenever needed!


  • Student Arrival Time (NON-school bus students): 7:30 – 8:00. Instructional Start Time begins at 8:00. Students are marked late after 8:00.
  • The Lombard 2 doors will open at 7:30. Students are NEVER to be left unattended at the doors. There is NO adult supervision before 7:30.
  • Excusing absences: When your child will be absent due to illness or other unavoidable circumstance, always send an email to attendance@icscharter.com so that the absence can be excused. If your child will arrive late from a morning doctor’s appointment, remember to bring a note from the doctor’s office. Under PA law, a child is considered truant if they have 3 or more unexcused absences in one school year.
  • Early dismissals: If you need to schedule an early dismissal for your child due to an unavoidable medical appointment, always email your request to attendance@icscharter.com in the morning that day. We cannot schedule early dismissals after 2:40pm and on Wednesdays after 12:30pm. Early dismissals should be very rare (i.e. no more than 1-2 times per school year), as they are disruptive to your child’s learning and the learning of their classmates.
  • For more information about attendance policies, always direct all attendance questions or concerns to attendance@icscharter.com.

Meal Program

  • All ICS students can receive free breakfast and lunch every day. Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch.
  • For more information about meal programs, visit our Cafeteria page. Always direct all meal program questions or concerns to Neyza Cabrera at neyzac@icscharter.com.


  • Drivers will pull up to the school-side curb on Lombard St. to drop off children.  
  • Children should exit your vehicle on the driver’s side for their safety and staff safety. Students may not exit vehicles on 16th St.
  • Do not cut into the middle of the drop off line. Please enter at the corner and move up.
  • Do not block the intersection.
  • Drivers may never drive on Naudain St. or drop off students on Naudain or 16th Street. Please respect our neighbors.  


  • Your child must always follow their dismissal plan. If you must change the dismissal plan at any time:
    • First, tell your child to follow their teachers instructions and go to their usual dismissal area.
    • If they normally take a school bus, you need to pick them up before they get on the bus, you will arrive by 3:00 (by 1:00 on Wednesdays) to sign them out of their bus line. A staff person is on the ramp at 16th and Lombard to assist in this. 
    • If they normally go to an outside aftercare program and you need to pick them up from school, you will sign them out of aftercare at the gate on Naudain St. closest to 17th st.
  • We cannot make day-to-day changes to your child’s dismissal plan. In the rare event of a true emergency, please call the front office, and we will attempt to assist you how we can. 
  • Never, ever drive down, stop, or park on Naudain St. during arrival or dismissal – for walker pick-up or drivers circling the blockPlease respect the safety of our students who dismiss onto Naudain St., and please respect our neighbors.

Dismissal times: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays:

  • Student Dismissal Time for Kindergartners at ICS: 2:45
  • Student Dismissal Time for 1st-5th grade at ICS: 3:05  
  • Student Dismissal Time for 6th-8th Grade: 3:15

Dismissal times: Wednesdays:

  • Student Dismissal Time for Kindergartners at ICS: 12:45
  • Student Dismissal Time for 1st-5th grade at ICS: 1:05
  • Student Dismissal Time for 6th-8th Grade: 1:20

Please note: Only vehicles with a placard are permitted in the dismissal lane on Lombard. 2:40-3:00 is for Kindergarten ONLY. 3:00-3:25 families with K and 1-5th students or 1st-5th.


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